Alba Dubh II

1. Hebridean Rain, Isle of Skye
7:10pm Friday 6th May 2005

2. High Hills, Arrochar Alps
2:06pm Wednesday 4th January 2006

3. Far Wall, Glen Alladale
3:13pm Friday 31st December 2004

4. Sentinel, Isle of Rum
3:29pm Saturday 14th May 2005

5. From Bidean, Lochaber
5:34pm Thursday 21st April 2005

6. First Steps, Isle of Rum
1:59pm Saturday 14th May 2005

7. Misty Dark, Loch Lomond
12:48pm Saturday 2nd April 2005​​​​​​​

8. Bridge, Ballahulish
7:17pm Thursday 21st April 2005

9. Sea Lights, Isle of Rum
5:18pm Saturday 14th May 2005

Dark black and white landscape photography evoking memories of a distant Scotland.

Alba Dubh translates as dark or black Scotland in the Gaelic language and these photographs emphasise darkness and the fading light regardless of when they were shot.

Exact dates and times are included in each title and fix forever a point in deep time.
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