ghost shimmer

Ahead full of screens, a siren calls
Eternally waiting, for changes to pass
Mergers marching, to march and merge again
Downtrodden and sullen, before crossing in lines
Towering oblique, among some passersby
Transitory profile passing, burns into memory
Shimmering by, waving bright with sun
Quaking ascending, then gently up towards the light
Hazy moments capture, briefly lost or found
Dancing light, dark sudden fall
A cha cha wobble through street walk doddle
Flow gentle space, legs buckle down
Ethereal figures as flit through a dystopian urban landscape on some transcendental business in Ghost Shimmer, Part 1 in a series of Sun Glints.

Black & white street photography from Auckland, New Zealand shot while walking using hand held long exposure and reflected sunlight to paint a transcendent urban landscape.
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