sun glints

Prismatic shake, with squalling wriggles snake
Ribbon race, down deep walled arroyo
Polygon vibrations, the resident energy gathers
Towering light cascade down stares, or fucked up point of blinding impact
Signal flare rising, rains light below
Sun blast enclosure, city skies to keep
Lean a city block, skirmish action below
Figure seeks, a dark tower sleeps
Inland avenue shaking, a tracing line of coast
Dark limits, the outer rim
Racing stripe, the galloping breath
The city limits, where active energies stream
Wander a dark and empty city replete with streaming energies in City Limits, Part 4 in a series of Sun Glints.

Black & white street photography from Auckland, New Zealand shot while walking using hand held long exposure and reflected sunlight to paint a transcendent urban landscape.
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